Goat Hill Pizza San Francisco CateringOur fresh and classic pizzas, pastas and salads are perfect for any catering occasion.  Whatever your guest list or budget, office meetings or private events, Goat Hill Pizza can satisfy every taste. Using fresh ingredients, we prepare all menu items the day of the party. Our food is arranged in big foil trays and it looks as wonderful as it tastes. 
We offer free delivery with paper plates, napkins, and cutlery. If you would like to make arrangements for chafing dishes, we will ensure that one of our managers stays with to serve your meal and ensure all goes perfectly.
We've been in business for 38 years and hope to become your "go to" catering company.

Please see our catering menu below or download by clicking this link.

Catering Contact:
Elena Neustadt
415-641-1440                                                             All appetizers and salads can be customized and combined to feed large groups

  Buffalo Wings
Dozen baked wings served with ranch dressing
  Garlic Bread
French bread toasted with garlic and butter, sprinkled with parmesan by half loaf.
    by half loaf $6.95 full 12.00
Housemade from beef and Italian sausage, smothered with meat sause
    half dozen - $16.95 dozen - $28.95

    Small Large
  Medium Salad
Serves up to 8 ppl
  Large Salad
Serves up to 18 ppl

Green Salad
a mix of organic mixed greens and ice berg lettuce, garbanzo and kidney beans, black olives and pepperoncinis served with a choice of our homemade dressings: Blue Cheese, Ranch, Vinaigrette or 1000 island.

-add Chef Salad toppings
Mushroom, tomatoes, green onions, salami, beets and Mozzarella cheese.
    $6 $12

-add Salad Bowl toppings
Feta Cheese, Artichoke Hearts, sliced cucumbers, Tomatoes and Red Onions.
    $6 $12
  Pastas - All Pastas except Lasagna can be served Gluten Free. We can also create vegan pastas.         

  Medium Pasta
Serves up to 8 ppl
  Large Pasta
Serves up to 18 ppl

Cheese Ravioli Fra Diavolo
Cheese and spinach ravioli with a spicy and creamy tomato sauce. 

Vegetarian Lasagna
Marinara sauce, ricotta, Bechamel sauce, roasted eggplant, Swiss chard, mushrooms, spinach, zucchini and Mozzarella cheese.

House made Meat sauce, Marinara or Pesto sauce.

Pesto Penne Primavera*
Cherry tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, zucchini and bell peppers in pesto sauce garnished with fresh parmesan.

  Spinach & Cheese Ravioli or Meat Ravioli
with house made Meat sauce, Marinara or Pesto sauce.
  Medium Pasta
Serves up to 8 people
  Large Pasta
Serves up to 18 people

Meat Lasagna
Layered with our hearty meat sauce , ricotta cheese, bechamel sauce and mozzarella cheese. 

Gorgonzola Conchiglie
Pasta shells with chicken, peas and mushrooms in creamy Gorgonzola sauce.



  Brownies and cookes    

1.95 / ea
10" 6 pcs.

12" 8 pcs.
14" 10 pcs.
Extra Large
16" 12 pcs.
  We also offer Thin Crust or Par Baked Pizza        
  Gluten Free Pizza
In small or Medium
3 4    
  Special Combination
Salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers, green onions, black olives and garlic.
18.95 22.95 26.95 30.95
  Meat Lover's
Salami, pepperoni and Italian sausage.
17.95 21.95 25.95 29.95
Spinach, feta cheese, slices red onions and garlic.
15.95 19.95 23.95 27.95
  Chicken Florentine
Chicken, mushrooms and spinach.
16.95 20.95 24.95 28.95
Fresh tomatoes, artichoke hearts and garlic.
15.95 19.95 23.95 27.95
Linguica, green onions, black olives and garlic.
16.95 20.95 24.95 28.95
  Vegetarian Combination
Mushrooms, green bell peppers, chopped green onions, black olives and garlic
15.95 19.95 23.95 27.95
  Greek Gourmet
Sliced red onions, green olives, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, spiced with rosemary and thyme
15.95 19.95 23.95 27.95
  Hilda's Favorite
Goat cheese, pesto, fresh tomatoes.
17.95 21.95 25.95 29.95
  Porky Pie
Bacon, roasted garlic, red onion and garlic cream sauce.
16.95 20.95 24.95 28.95
Ham and pineapple.
16.95 20.95 24.95 28.95
  Pizza of the Day
three items, chosen dialy by our chef
14.95 18.95 22.95 25.95
  Make your own combo

  Cheese Pizza
Mozzarella cheese (Dayla Cheese substitute available.)
13.95 16.95 19.95 22.95
  Price Per Topping 1.75
2.35 2.65
  Pizza Toppings

Black Olives
Kalamata Olives
Green Olives
Red Olives
Green Onions
Green Bell Peppers
Roasted Bell Peppers
Fresh Tomatoes
Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Roasted Garlic
Artichoke Hearts
Pesto Sauce
Garlic Cream Sauce*
Italian Sausage
Ground Beef
Feta Cheese
Goat Cheese*
Ricotta Cheese*
Dayla Vegan Cheese

Fresh chopped garlic is free
* Double rice per topping


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